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The Junior Achievement Mission


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The Junior Achievement Mission


JA Worldwide ( Junior Achievement) is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs. Junior Achievement programs help prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to generate wealth and effectively manage it, how to create jobs which make their communities more robust, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace. Students put these lessons into action, and help strengthen their communities.   More Information >>


Junior Achievement was kicked off in Russia in December 1991 with a formal signing ceremony in the Kremlin. Junior Achievement Russia is established and locally registered as an Interregional Public Organization financed by businesses, agencies for international development, foundations and individuals.

The key mission of Junior Achievement Russia is to catalyze the development and growth of JA business and economic educational programs for youth through the partnership between the business and educational communities in accordance with the principles and standards of Junior Achievement (JA) programs.  
Junior Achievement Russia has expanded its popularity throughout the regions of the Russian Federation during its relatively short life to become the second largest JA national organization — second only to the United States.

  Junior Achievement is successful in Russia because it appeals to the hopes and dreams of young people, their teachers and parents. They regard Junior Achievement as vital to laying the groundwork for Russia's transition to a well-functioning market economy. Junior Achievement brings relevance to those hopes and dreams by providing tools needed to make them come true.

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